Photo of Oded Cohn

Oded Cohn Director, IBM Haifa Research Lab

“Our academic ties with the CS Faculty provide us with a unique advantage in the form of active interaction with young generations of talented minds, professors and students who are passionate about research and innovation and with whom we are happy to share our R&D challenges. The Faculty’s Industrial Affiliates Program plays a key role in facilitating, cultivating, and expanding the scope and quality of our relations.”

Photo of Karin Eibschitz Segal

Karin Eibschitz Segal General Manager, Intel Israel Development Center

“Intel Israel is leading worldwide innovations and growing the number of technology fields in which we grow our presence. The CS faculty at the Technion is a source of innovative technological research and a great resource for outstanding engineers, who position Intel Israel at the forefront of R&D worldwide. The Industrial Affiliates Program has proven to be a crucial link in fostering this special relationship and we are keen to continue growing our collaboration in the future.”

Photo of Assaf Rappaport

Assaf Rappaport General Manager, Microsoft Israel R&D Center

“Microsoft Israel R&D Center is one of Microsoft’s three strategic R&D centers outside the North America, and home to some of the company’s core technologies.  One of the key pillars of our vision is to harness the talent and innovation of the Israeli high-tech industry. We see the Technion as a superior source of talented engineers and researchers – of which I’m proud to have completed my studies alongside. The R&D center in Haifa is a strategic center for Microsoft, and its proximity to the Technion benefits both parties. Our unique collaboration with the Technion goes back several decades and our partnership strengthened even more when we established the joint Academic Research Center for development of E-Commerce technologies, and we’re proud that our prestigious “Excellence Program” has included many students from the Technion throughout the years. We expanded our work together by adding a jointly run curricular undergrad courses in Computer Science and two sponsored labs, one for IoT and one for Cybersecurity, which are used by the students to develop their projects. I look forward to continuing our solid and fundamentally important partnership fulfilling our joint mission to maintain Israel’s qualitative edge through its thriving high-tech industry.”