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About Our Program

The Technion’s Computer Science Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) was established in 2001. Its primary objective is to provide a platform for structured interaction between the department and the Israeli and international Hi-tech industry. The program supports a variety of activities and collaborations in the fields of information technology research, development, training and employment. This unique and dynamic platform bridges traditional borders to form win-win relationships, while achieving and maintaining excellence.

Our objective is to widen the ties between the Faculty and the Hi-tech industry !

The Industrial Affiliates Program supports the mutual needs of industry and academia in computer research, development, and education. This is accomplished by providing the appropriate mechanisms for technical exchange, collaboration, and access to students. Any Hi-tech company (Israeli or non-Israeli) may join the program. In return for an annual membership fee, members of the Affiliates program will receive exclusive benefits.

IAP Members

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