Dean’s Message

Dean Professor Danny Raz

The primary objective of the Technion Computer Science Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), established in 2001, is to provide a platform for structured interaction between the department and the Hi-tech industry in Israel and worldwide.

This type of interaction had previously existed only in an ad-hoc manner. We established the program with some trepidation, as the Hi-tech bubble was just months away from bursting and alarming signs could already be sensed. It was difficult to predict whether the new program would succeed or fizzle out. As it turned out, we need never have worried.

The program provides a solid bridge between academia and industry from which both sides can benefit significantly. On the one hand, it has enabled the Technion community to become more attuned to industry needs, and exposed faculty and students to a wide spectrum of companies and their R&D activities. On the other hand, it gives the IAP member companies an exclusive platform through which they gain access to the Faculty and its students, and can influence the direction of computer research, development, and education.

Today, more than a decade later, the program hosts a variety of interactions, activities and collaborations in the fields of information technology research, development, training, and employment. This unique and dynamic platform bridges traditional borders to form win-win relationships, while achieving and maintaining excellence.

As you continue to contribute to the success of Israel’s Hi-tech industry, I invite your company to join our Industrial Affiliates Program and contribute also to shaping the future of Israel’s computer science education and research.


Professor Danny Raz

Dean of the Computer Science Faculty